Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Install Shield : Pass Product Name and Verion to ISCmdBld.exe

In Installshield, if you compile the .ism then the name of the msi would be the same as file name. 

If you want to include the build version along with the name then those information needs to be passed dynamically during the compilation of ism. Also, the version number of the product can be passed dynamically. Hence, we no need to modify the ism file for the version change.

"[InstallShield installed path]\2015\System\ISCmdBld.exe" -p  [ism file path] -y %[productversion]% -z ProductName=%[productname]%

For Standalone installation,

"[InstallShield installed path]\2015 SAB\System\ISCmdBld.exe" -p  [ism file path] -y %[productversion]% -z ProductName=%[productname]%

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